Founder & Clinic Director

Isabel a pioneering Physiotherapist and Specialist in Performing Arts Medicine combining diverse clinical experience with a huge passion and dedication to this growing field.

After graduating as a Physiotherapist (URL, Barcelona) she went to the UK to specialise in Performing Arts Medicine & Science (UCL, London) and since then she strives to deliver the highest-standard physiotherapy and health & wellbeing advice to enhance performers and help them achieve their best.

She lectures regularly at higher education performing arts institutions in the UK, US and Spain (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, University College London, University of the Arts Philadelphia and the IAB) and is a member of the main associations of dance medicine in the UK and US, regularly presenting research in dancers and musicians’ health.

As a trained flautist and dancer herself, she has special awareness of the environmental conditions, physical demands and the pressures of training to become a professional performer.

Gemma graduated as a Physiotherapist (Gimbernat University, Spain) and since then has been striving to continue developing with courses in Acupuncture, Global Active Stretching (Mezieres) and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. She has worked at the UME (Sports Medicine Physiotherapy Unit in Vilanova), the ICS (Catalan Institute of Health) and the Science and Art Foundation in Terrassa, where she lectures in Postural Reeducation.

As well training as a pianist, she has worked at the UME physiotherapy unit (Sports Medicine Unit in Vilanova), the ICS (Catalan Institute of Health) and the Science and Art Foundation in Terrassa, where she collaborates aslecturer in Postural Education.

Through her training in voice and piano she got interested in voice pathology and since then has trained with Hellen Rowson, Estill Voice Technique I & II and with Robert Sussuma (Vocal Coach in Broadway).

gisela de dios

senior physiotherapist


Senior Physiotherapist


Gisela graduated as a Physiotherapist (Gimbernat       University, Spain) and has a C.O. in Osteopathy (EOB, Spain). She has done courses in pre-post partum and               Kinesiotape, and is our latest addition to the IAB Health physiotherapy team!

She’s been dancing since an early age and studied at the Royal Academy of Dancing. She has been working with dancers for the past 16 years.

Andrea has a Degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition (Ramón y Cajal Institute) and later specialised in Sports Nutrition. She has great passion for dance and has been training in ballet since a young age. She has worked as Sports dietitian for the Mas Ram Tennis Club in Badalona and a few dance schools. Currently she likes to combine her passion for dance with nutritional advice for performing artists.

Her idea on how to fuel the body is based on a balanced diet without the need of strict diets or strange methods.


Sports Nutritionist


ivan sanchez

sports massage


Ivan has a Degree in Osteopathy (Heilpraktiker i Ismet, Barcelona) and has also studied chiromassage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and sports massage (Escuela General de Salud y Belleza, Barcelona).

His passion for dance and particularly flamenco brought him to specialise in performing arts and dancers’ healthcare. He has worked in several health centres in Paris (France), Canary Islands and Catalunya since 1997 and in 2015 he settled in Sitges.  Currently he enjoys combining his passion for dance with manual therapy.

His idea of how to treat the body is based on a combination of all therapist he has learnt for a better and more appropriate treatment based on each one’s needs.