Screening is used both to identify potential problems at an early stage, and to develop prevention. It will help you to know your body better and enhance your training regime. We offer both a dance-specific movement screening and one tailored for musical theatre students.

What to expect at the screening?

  • Functional physiotherapy assessment: A physiotherapist will investigate previous injury history and evaluate potential risk for future injury (weaknesses, tightness, range of motion restrictions and muscular imbalances)

  • Range of motion/ flexibility measurements: Range of motion and muscle flexibility are important aspects of dance performance

  • Muscular strength, endurance and power measurements: These tests measure core muscular endurance, upper body strength and endurance, lower limb power and lower limb endurance

  • Feedback: Individual one-to-one feedback sessions and a personal report will allow you to get recommendations for optimising training and performance that can be applied directly to your personal artistic practice